10 Nutritional Facts To Shred The Fat

With all of the non-stop headlines which saturate the internet, it’s a difficult task to keep the eyes on the prize and the cart in front of the horse. Even the most well-intentioned dieter can lose track of what they are doing on occasion. One of the biggest advantages our online training clients have is […]

How To Have More Sex If You’re Married With Children

Like most men, I want to have sex pretty much every day. Even on the days I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I’m stressed out, and I really don’t “feel” like getting naked and sweaty, it doesn’t take much to change my mind. My wife’s “closing rate” is a perfect 100% since the day I met her […]

How Liddy Lost 6″ Off Her Waist Without Counting Calories

The job of a fitness coach isn’t to provide every client with the same program. Each person is different. They have a different lifestyle, a different set of goals, and a different mental framework that they view the world with. Usually our 1:1 online clients prefer to lift weights and diet intelligently in order to […]

4 Skills 100 Times More Important Than Macros, Calories, or Anything Else

Working with “normal folks” in our online fat loss program gives you a completely different lens with which to view the word “optimal”. What is optimal for one person may not be optimal for another. Black and white topics quickly blur and become 50 shades of grey. Without all of the bondage and sadomasochism, of course. […]

Two Girls, One Cup (and a Turd)

Sometimes we need to have in-your-face, terrifying, anecdotal, and personal evidence before we heed the warnings that others give us. ——————————— When my daughters were younger, we often bathed them together to save time. As any parent knows, you will do ANYTHING to save 15 minutes of your precious day. And another fact any parent […]

Losing 10% Of Your Body Weight Is Much Easier Than You Think

The fitness industry loves to sell you on the idea of an unattainable goal. Whether you’re talking about glossy 6-pack ab shots, fake before and after pictures, or photoshopped-to-death glamour pics, there’s an excellent chance that you won’t be able to look like the image you have in your mind. This is one of the […]

6 Stupid, Little Rules That Help You Lose Weight

This is the part where I tell you I’ve been lying all along. There actually is “One, Weird Trick” that will make all the trainers HATE YOU because you’ll put them out of business. The current trend in fitness is to have a “moderate, sane” approach. If you try telling someone they shouldn’t eat sugar, […]

Training To Look Better and Feel Better – Part 3 – “Pebbles”

You know that phrase, “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.”? That’s a solid phrase. For a long time, I didn’t really understand what it meant, though. That phrase, while redundant and overused, means something simple: Don’t search for an uncommon solution if you have a common problem. If you’re struggling to get stronger and […]