Podcast: Cheat Meals – How To Eat More To Improve Your Progress

Do you use “cheat meals”, “cheat days”, or “diet breaks”? Do you understand what their true purpose is? Are your “off plan” events or meals sabotaging your fat loss progress? In this podcast, we discuss all things “cheating” – how to cheat properly, how to ensure you don’t lose progress, and the exact advice we […]

Podcast: The Simplest And Easiest Way To Set Macros For Fat Loss

Creating a fat loss diet can be daunting. In this podcast, I break down the simplest and easiest way for a beginning dieter to create their own set of fat-loss macronutrients. I also discusses: > Best practices on setting your own macronutrients. > Advanced macro counting strategies for seasoned dieters. > Specific instructions for males as […]

Podcast: How To Drink And Still Lose Fat

It’s one of the most common questions in fitness: Can you drink alcohol regularly and still lose fat? The answer to this question is a resounding “YES!”, with a few caveats, of course. In this podcast, we discuss: Alcohol and how it prohibits fat loss if consumed without other consideration. Macronutrients and how they add […]

Podcast: Fitness Mistakes Parents Of Young Children Make

New parents have it rough. At this time in their lives, they have little to no control. Everything is determined by the little one – their schedule, their sleep (or lack thereof), and if they let it, their fitness level. What are the common mistakes that parents of young children make? In this podcast, we […]

6-Packs and 6-Packs: How To Get Shredded Without Giving Up Your Booze

I like to drink alcohol. I started drinking alcohol regularly around the age of 18. I know this is a shocker to many, but at the college I attended, drinking alcohol was normal. I am not sure if I knew a single person who didn’t drink any alcohol at all. Granted, the 4-5 nights per […]

Podcast: Do You Always Lose Strength In A Cut? (Ep. 5)

It’s an age old question: When I’m dieting – how much strength will I lose? We get asked this frequently. While there are studies done which have shown that with very highly trained individuals, there can be a bit of strength loss, there is no steadfast rule on this. ==> Why do some people lose […]

Fitness Goals Are Accomplished By Fitness Systems

Everyone has goals. Goals are nice. They make you feel good about yourself. You can write down your shiny, little goal and put it in your pocket. Every time things are going bad, you can pull the piece of paper out and read it. You’ll feel fuzzy. You have a goal, and people who have […]

The Nutritional Hierarchy For Fat Loss – Jason Helmes Podcast (Ep. 2)

When it comes to losing fat, we often miss the forest for the trees. There aren’t too many “ifs” in the world of nutrition. There are things which you must master/conquer in order to lose fat as you wish. There’s a hierarchy for what is the most important factors of fat loss, and what matters […]

Warning To Parents: Beware Of The “Positive-Negative” Feedback Loop

Everyone has memories that give them the “warm fuzzies”. The actual memories themselves may differ, but the main feeling these memories give you doesn’t change much. Usually these memories contain a whole, family unit. Spending quality time together. The feelings of safety and security. The belief that you belong to something bigger than just yourself. […]