How To Improve Your Skill Acquisition: The Jason Helmes Podcast

Have you ever tried to learn a new skill? Remember when you learned how to tie your own shoes? How about when you learned how to ride a bike? Every new skill you try to develop will cause you to recoil in fear. Fear of failure, fear of exposure, fear of……well, fear of sucking at […]

7 Simple Habits To Trim Your Waistline

Your overall habits are going to trump any specific, in-the-moment decision you make. There’s a few reasons you see “fit-pros” on social media sharing pictures of decadent ice cream sundaes on a regular basis. One reason is marketing. What would you rather see, the one treat the fit-pro gets to eat each week or the […]

How To Survive Your Vasectomy

The first thing you need to know is that you’re not allowed to talk about how much it hurts. Which is a total farce, mind you. Since us men don’t have to go through the process of childbirth, any bitching and moaning we do as a result of a vasectomy puts us firmly into the […]

A Simple Reason To Stop Testing Your Body Fat

This will not be another article about how body fat analyses are inaccurate. Those articles are everywhere. If you wish to read one, use Google. Or, I can give you the “tl;dr” They are inaccurate. Some are wildly inaccurate. The handheld deals are god-awful. The scales might be worse. Calipers are often used by untrained […]

How To Conquer Your “Feels” When Dieting

Human beings are the only animals on the planet who have the ability to think about thinking. This ability to analyze meta-cognition (or go “meta” as the kids like to call it) separates us from all other animals. When a gorilla decides he wants to eat, he goes out looking for something to eat. When […]

The Most-Likely Solution To Your Fat Loss Problem

Why do we make things more complicated than they need to be? When we decide to diet for the goal of fat loss, there are a finite number of answers as to why we can’t get lean. We desperately want this to not be the case. We all want to think that we are a […]

Men’s Macronutrient Recommendations For Fat Loss By Body Fat Percentage

Can you check these macros for me? The above is a question any fitness professional has had to answer a countless number of times. Once it became clear that macronutrient recommendations were an important factor of your health and your physique, “macro numbers” became a rabid obsession. Although not as important as overall calories, the […]

How To Create A Muscle Building Program

Building muscle is one of the most difficult fitness tasks there is. Many trainees “spin their wheels”, and can’t seem to pack on lean body mass over the years. Additional muscle on your frame will have incredible health benefits, including: Better performance Better appearance Better bone density Better longevity More independence as you age (protection […]

An Open Letter To The Husbands and Boyfriends Of Petite Females

Dear Husbands and Boyfriends Of Petite Females, My name is Jason Helmes. I am the owner and operator of Anyman Fitness, LLC. We are an online firm that specializes in fitness routines for the general public. Nearly all of our clients are normal people. We get the occasional triathlete, stage competitor, or powerlifter, but for the […]