How To Use Small Gains To Optimize Your Life

1% is a small percentage. Mathematically, this is 1 out of 100. As a decimal, 0.01. If there were a sale for “1% off designer shoes”, we would scoff. If our stock portfolios posted “1% dividends”, we would wrinkle our eyebrows. If our government taxed us “1% of income”, we would jump for joy. (Also, […]

How To Be Boring And Dominate The Fitness Game

The only case I can come up with against “boring” is the fact that it’s boring. If you stop to think about the most successful people on this planet, you will find a common theme. That common theme is not the complexity of their system, the “top secret information” in their sales tactics, or the “one, […]

Was 2016 The Worst Year Ever? It Depends On Your Perspective.

So, when I glanced at the calendar, I made a startling discovery. I realized that it’s 12/29, and I have yet to pen an “end of the year” article! Oh, shit, does this mean I am no longer a “blogger”? You may have noticed my frantic blogging pace that I’ve kept up in the last […]

Stop Sugarcoating Fitness: It’s SUPPOSED To Hurt A Bit

As a child, I was a pushover. I didn’t know how to stand up for myself. Admittedly, I was a “Momma’s Boy”, and in many ways, I still am. (Does that mean I’m “beta”? Oh Lord…………) I have vivid memories of being bullied and pushed around, and not having the self-confidence to stand up for […]

Is Overeating Our Way Of “Checking Out”?

Our society is a fabrication of thousands of years of evolution. Slowly, over time, certain aspects of the world have grown and morphed into almost unrecognizable entities. As we have continued to grow and prosper as a civilized nation, there have been trade-offs made. Maybe we don’t need to toil in the field for 16 […]

[Podcast] What Do You Need To Start Your Own Online Fitness Business

If you’re a personal trainer or a coach, you may be wondering about how to go about starting in the world of online training. Online training is much different from in-person training. One of the biggest advantages to the online trainer is that they are not tied down by a strict time schedule. Before you […]

Food: Emotions, Morality, Shame, Guilt, And Anger

It started off innocently enough. Our online fat loss clients have their own, private Facebook group for interaction and support. Joe, a long time internet buddy and client from the UK, asked the crew: I’m curious as to the different viewpoints in this group: What is your relationship with food, if you don’t mind me […]

How To Become A Real-Life, Comic-Book Superhero

I must make a confession: I hate superhero movies. I know that makes me pretty much “The Biggest Weirdo Ever” in today’s world full of comic book fanatics and Deadpool groupies. I loved superheroes growing up, though. I’ve always been a fan of Superman. After all, he was a “Super” man, right? Stronger than a locomotive, and […]

If You Don’t Squat Or Deadlift, You Are Not A Man………Right?

Make one, little confession about not squatting or deadlifting, and everyone loses their shit. I actually feel great since I came out of the “non-powerlifting closet”. It’s like a weight has been lifted (no pun intended) off of my shoulders. I feel like screaming it from the rooftops: I DON’T SQUAT OR DEADLIFT AND I […]