On Information Overload, the Things That Matter, and How to Simplify Your Fitness

The following is a guest article from Slyvon Blanco, owner of Von Blanco Fitness and author of No Nonsense Fat Loss: A Practical Guide to Simplifying Your Fitness for the Real World — a no-fluff fitness book that gives you a blueprint on designing a fitness lifestyle that gets you the results you need in the time you […]

Delaying Gratification: The Key To A Life Of Greatness

My parents are recently retired millionaires. Hopefully they don’t feel weird about me stating that fact on the internet. I doubt anyone would be able to get to any of their millions, though, as it’s not like they have the lump sum in their freezer, or underneath their bed mattress. When most of us think of […]

How Much Would You Improve?

We should all have “balance” in our lives, right? We hear this all the time. Balance, balance, balance. We should have just the right amount of health food, balanced with the occasional taste of junk food. We should have just the right amount of work, balanced with rest/relaxation/vacation. We should have just the right amount […]

How To Max Out Your Results By Minimizing The Change

I’m going to quit. These words came from a client via email. They are the four words every coach hates to hear. They were right in front of me. I felt a twinge of disappointment welling inside of me. Anabelle had sent me an email asking about our online coaching program. She was having difficulty […]

(Life) Gainz Of The Week (1/10/16)

Remember those “Life” t-shirts that were super-popular in the late 90’s. The ones that said “<insert activity> is LIFE – the rest is just details”. All the dumb-ass jocks (like me) had one with their favorite sport emblazoned across it. It seems a bit silly looking back at the weird trends us “Generation X’ers” used […]

New Year’s Resolutioners Need Help, Not Hate

During the Christmas season, 2004, I was in the worst shape of my life. I had graduated from college 8 months prior and had started my career as a 6th grade teacher. I was excited to be a part of the “working class”. I got a strange kick out of waking up in the morning, […]

Fitness Traps To Avoid: Stupid Social Norms

The less you care about what others think, the better you will do in fitness. Everyone puts pressure on themselves to improve their fitness levels. When this pressure is combined with outside influences, it can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. We have established social norms in America. If people’s habits and behaviors don’t neatly fall […]

Out Of The Ashes, We Rise

Jason, your wife’s platelets have dropped dangerously low. We are going to need to operate now. There is no time to wait. It’s what’s best for her and the baby. Go tell your family to come into the room and give her a hug and a kiss before we take her to the operating room. […]

How To Improve Your Adherence On Your Diet

Idle hands are the devil’s tools.  This quote has been used for generations to describe why children get into trouble. Any parent will tell you how important it is for their kids to be involved in something outside of the normal, 8-4 school day. Whether it’s sports, music, theater, or academic related, keeping busy is a […]

The Biggest Fitness Mistake You Can Make

I want to be rich. I’m not a big fan of material items – so my idea of rich may differ from your idea of rich. If I were rich, I would likely keep my car. My 2002 Honda Accord with over 150,000 miles on it does the trick nicely. I work 2 miles away […]