How To Effectively Meal Prep – A Step-By-Step Guide

I hate articles that start with quotes.  So I’m writing these two sentences before I…………   “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin. This sentence is plastered on 97% of all classrooms in America.  It’s cheesy, it’s stupid, it’s probably motivated about 3 children out of a zillion who have […]

Damage Control Tricks – aka……”Help! I Messed Up!”

Hate it when that happens. You go to a party or a barbecue, you intend to eat on point and have a drink or two……….. ……..but you crack. It happens to EVERYONE.  It’s easy to stay away from the nonsense at home when you control what’s in your pantry and fridge. It’s a bit more […]

Simplify Your Macro Counting – Have a System…….

How much fat is in bacon, considering what’s left over in the pan? How many carbs are in a baked potato? How much fiber does broccoli have? Should I track the milk I put on my cereal? This peanut butter has carbs in it!  Does this mean I can’t eat it on rest days?   […]

Unintended Consequences of Macro Counting

When counting macros, you’re gonna be annoyed at first.  Really annoyed. The first month is complete hell.  You’re totally unsure of yourself.  And scared you’re doing it wrong.   But a few weeks pass, and you get better.  Like any skill, macro counting needs refinement and practice. With tenacity and consistency, over time, some crazy […]

Macro Tricks: The Caloric Equivalent Trick

Macro counting? Ever had one of these situations: It’s the end of the day, you eat your meal, you have 30 grams of fat left, but no other macros. What do you do? In this post, I discuss the virtues of the “straight-up” macros.  They can help you fill the gaps. “Straight-up proteins” –> very […]

How To Make Macro Adjustments When You Stall

If you’re on Leangains, and you’re lucky, you’ll never have to do an adjustment to your macronutrient numbers. But most of us aren’t that lucky. Many people, when starting, realize they will need to lose 50+ pounds to get to where they want to be. Which could take upwards of a year or more, if […]

10 More “Must Haves” In Your Diet When Cutting

Dieting can be painful. In a previous post, I gave my  Top 10 “Must Haves” In Your Diet When Cutting. But that’s not all the favorites I have.   In a neverending quest to eat more food and consume less calories, here’s 10 more essential diet staples when actively trying to lose weight.   11. […]

10 “Must-Haves” In Your Diet When Cutting

1.  Coffee. No brainer.  Caffeine is a stimulant and an appetite suppressant.  If you’re hungry in the morning, it’s almost a guarantee you won’t be after downing a large Americana from Starbucks. Or is it”venti”?   2.  Veggies. Gotta, gotta, gotta. If not for the simple fact that they are filler and will help with […]

The Effects of Years of Intermittent Fasting

Howdy.  Jason here. Just wanted to give you a short post on my recent annual physical. A little over 2 years ago, I began intermittent fasting.  I haven’t looked back. And although I was fairly certain it was the right call, health wise, you never know. I started consuming fat by the boatload.  Many of […]

How To Set Your Leangains Macros When Bulking

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the information, a few items about bulking need to be discussed……..   A.  Are you sure you want to bulk? You might think the answer is “Yes”, but you need to do some soul searching.   Everyone has different goals.  And if your goals include having […]