How To Tell If You’re Losing Fat

You should despise your bathroom scale. Your bathroom scale holds so much power over you. Every time you weigh yourself, you wait for those digital numbers to show you your current progress. You tap your toe on the middle of the scale and wait for the scale to “wake up” and show you those “double […]

The Fitness 1%

99% of the fitness shit out there doesn’t matter to 99% of the population. Seriously. It’s an absolute, verified truth. Fitness articles come out every single day that don’t matter – at all – to 99% of us.  Every day.  Sometimes multiple times per day. These topics include: -The best possible time to ingest your post-workout […]

Of The Food Babe, Doctors, Fitness, and Fear………….

There are two very obvious sides of the battlefield when it comes to health, nutrition, the government, science, and our collective lives in general.  In one corner, you have the scientists, the Doctors (not of the “Oz” variety), the fitness experts, the research driven, and those who always seem to be screaming from the mountaintops: […]

Macro Tricks: The 3-For-1

I tend to look at things with a “big picture mentality”.  It’s the only way I can stay sane. When I start to read lengthy and wordy articles about ATP release, I often find myself looking for the abstract —> the scientific version of the “tl;dr”. Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t because I […]

Simplify Your Macro Counting – Have a System…….

How much fat is in bacon, considering what’s left over in the pan? How many carbs are in a baked potato? How much fiber does broccoli have? Should I track the milk I put on my cereal? This peanut butter has carbs in it!  Does this mean I can’t eat it on rest days?   […]

Unintended Consequences of Macro Counting

When counting macros, you’re gonna be annoyed at first.  Really annoyed. The first month is complete hell.  You’re totally unsure of yourself.  And scared you’re doing it wrong.   But a few weeks pass, and you get better.  Like any skill, macro counting needs refinement and practice. With tenacity and consistency, over time, some crazy […]

What Is Your Ultimate Goal When On Leangains?

  Once you lean down, it’s actually not quite so obvious what you want to do. Damn near 100% of the population has the same initial goal: Lose fat. You can mask it however you’d like. “Lean out.” “Lose weight.” “Body recomposition.” “Get healthy.” “Get in shape.” These are all just variations of the exact […]

The Dream Body Equation – Analysis Part 1: Slight Caloric Deficit

  After years and years of doing the wrong thing, I feel confident that I’ve “hacked the code” to general health and well being. But it truly did take a really long time.  It was frustrating, to say the least. There’s nothing worse than starting a new regimen, getting results, stopping (for whatever reason), and […]

Lesson 8 – Bulking With The Leangains, Intermittent Fasting Protocol

  Let me be the first person to congratulate you if you’re reading this post. In all honesty, not many people in this country get to the point you’re at, if you’re genuinely interested in bulking……AND you’re doing it right. Think about what it entails:  If you’ve decided it’s time to bulk, and you’re looking […]

How To Eat Like A Hog – And Lose Weight While Doing It!

You count your macros? If not, you should. Does it suck?  Sometimes.  It’s a bit time consuming.  And annoying if you eat out a lot.  It takes preparation.  And mental toughness occasionally. Is it worth it?  Oh yeah.  Hell yeah.  Totally worth it. Why, you ask?  You get get ripped pretty easily if you have […]