Most Health Articles Suck. So, What SHOULD You Believe?

And we wonder why nobody has any clue how to better their health. Do you watch the evening news?  Dr. Oz?  The Doctors?  Do you read Yahoo?  MSN?  Fitbie? If you do, then I’m sure you notice a trend.  One day, goji berries are the greatest thing ever.  The next day, they cause genetic mutations. […]

Lesson 5 – “Is It Working?” aka – How To Track Your Progress

Diet and training. They need to be taken as two separate entities.  However, the way they coexist is such a beautiful thing.  I used to see them as one, whole package:  dietandexercise.  While they should be taken into consideration as a package, they need to be handled as individual bodies.  In the gym, get your […]