Training Plateaus on RPT. What, Why, and How To Fix Them.

Training Plateaus. One of the most annoying things that can ever happen to you in the weight room. Other than someone taking the only squat rack to perform bicep curls. But stalls are brutal. We all go into the weight room with one goal only: Get stronger. And when that doesn’t happen on a weekly […]

Common Mistakes With RPT

RPT Reverse Pyramid Training It’s been popularized and glorified over the past few years.  And for good reason. RPT is utilized by thousands to reap anabolic, weightlifting benefits with a fraction of the volume and time investment of some of the other programs out there. Many people, however, have issues progressing while using RPT.  And […]

Top 25 Reasons You Should Get “Yoked” – NOW!

  Not everybody wants to get “yoked”. Some people would rather have a good half-marathon time…. ….or do 10 “toe-to-bars” (WTF???)… ……or “Bring It” with Tony………     Not sure why. But if this is you, if you measure your self-worth on how many veins you can spot in your abs instead of your 1RM, […]

The Dream Body Equation – Analysis Part 2: Heavy Resistance Training

This is Part 2 in a series on “How To Build Your Dream Body”.   This post is going to analyze the second variable in the Dream Body Equation:  Heavy Resistance Training – more specifically, what to do and what NOT to do.   The first part took a close look at what a  Slight […]

Lesson 8 – Bulking With The Leangains, Intermittent Fasting Protocol

  Let me be the first person to congratulate you if you’re reading this post. In all honesty, not many people in this country get to the point you’re at, if you’re genuinely interested in bulking……AND you’re doing it right. Think about what it entails:  If you’ve decided it’s time to bulk, and you’re looking […]

To BCAA Or Not To BCAA………Leangains (Berkhan) v. Eat Stop Eat (Pilon)

***This article highlights my personal experiment with BCAA usage. Spoiler alert:  BCAA’s led to better results and strength gains. It’s a no-brainer. The BEST tasting product out there is Amino X BCAA, watermelon flavor. Enjoy!  -Jason If you’re interested in the Leangains protocol and you wish to have it set up for you, send me a note [HERE], […]

Lesson 4 – Minimalist Training

I know I’m really beginning to sound like a broken record, but I want everybody to notice something: Training is LESSON FOUR. The FIRST THREE LESSONS are on proper nutrition. There’s an old adage in the fitness community:  Abs are made in the kitchen. That saying is 100% accurate.  Abs are not made doing crunches. […]