Knowledge Is Overrated: The Value Of The Online Fitness Coach

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Once upon a time, I thought the value of an online fitness Coach was in the knowledge they possessed.

I didn’t have much knowledge at the time. Just a very basic understanding of nutrition and weight lifting.

And I thought – incorrectly – that if someone just gave me proper macro numbers, I would be all set.

Tell me the optimal rep ranges, optimal set numbers, optimal exercises, optimal carb numbers.

Should I take BCAAs? Should I count my veggies? Should I train fasted or in the afternoon? I need knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!

Most beginners think in this fashion – they think knowledge is the key to success. After all, the phrase is “Knowledge Is Power”, right?

I came very close to pulling the trigger on hiring a fitness Coach myself, back when I started this journey. After I was cured of “Fuckarounditis” and began deadlifting and squatting heavy, I stared at myself in the mirror. I doubted my plan. I doubted my abilities to devise a plan. I doubted my abilities to stick to a plan.

“If only I had the knowledge to create the PERFECT plan………” I would think to myself. I wanted that knowledge. I thought, mistakenly, that if I had the PERFECT macros and the PERFECT selection of foods, it would pave my path to greatness.  I was worried about everything that didn’t matter.  And I was paralyzed by analysis.

I came <this close> to hiring Andy Morgan to make that plan for me – and give me the knowledge I so desired.

But instead, my pride thought otherwise, and I grabbed the bull by the horns, created my own plan, and began executing it. My plan worked rather well. It also set into motion the beginnings of this site – which is my passion, my baby, and my pride and joy.

But over time, the funniest thing happened. The calendar slowly ticked by. I became busier. We had over 1,000% profit growth from 2013 to 2014. Our number of clients exploded. We have had well over 500 members of the Anyman Fitness community – and we are adding more each day.

It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating, it’s rewarding, and it’s insanely addicting. And in the midst of all this excitement………….I got fat. I called it “dirty bulking”, but in actuality, I just wanted to eat. I got lazy. I didn’t want to count macros. Or deal with hunger. So, I didn’t.

It was fun. But it wasn’t good. I was fat. Plain and simple.

I had gotten busy – with work and with life – and I didn’t want to be bothered. So, I decided I would train hard and just eat whatever I wanted. Bad idea.

As the pounds piled on, and New Year’s Eve, 2015, approached, it became clear that I needed to lose my gut which was spilling over my belt. And here I was, armed with all the knowledge in the world.

Over 500 clients full of data, numbers, and results.

And I just couldn’t hold myself accountable. And cut the fat on my own. The knowledge I had accumulated meant almost nothing. Knowledge didn’t make me plan my meals or watch my intake. But I had a pretty good idea what would get me moving in the right direction………and I DID need a plan……….

So I emailed my old friend Andy. And had him make my plan for me.

The results? See for yourself:


12 weeks, no cardio, 45 minutes, 3 times per week.
Down 23 pounds and 4+ inches off the belly.
Thanks, Andy. I feel like myself again.

I’ve had a number of people who are extremely curious about my decision to outsource my fitness. Some even have questioned why a fitness Coach would ever hire another fitness Coach. So, what’s the biggest reason I hired a coach myself?

I realized the true value of having a Coach. And I’m here to tell you…………….it’s NOT knowledge.

You want knowledge? Here you go, my friend.

1.  This is how to create your macros.

2.  This is a training plan which you can run for years and make gains.

3.  Here is how you set up your meal plans to optimize nutrient partitioning.

4.  This is what to do when you have training stalls/plateaus.

5.  Here’s some information on how to make macronutrient adjustments when you stall on the measurements.

6.  Here’s some help on meal planning, if you’ve never done it before.

By the way, I could keep going. We’re nearing 90 posts and articles about “knowledge”. Shit, if you don’t want to do any of that reading and learning, look at the “Subscribe” button on the right. Click it. Enter your email address. You’ll be sent your own macro numbers and 3 training programs.

Boom. Knowledge. At your fingertips.

So, what’s the value in a Coach? What’s the value in Andy? Why did I hire him? Why would you hire me? What’s the point? We have knowledge, right? Who cares? Well, there are a number of reasons, actually……….

Reason #1:  Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is a strange thing. We have it – but it must be directed at that which deserves its attention. It’s become obvious that motivation, like willpower, is finite in nature. If we devote our motivation towards other endeavors, our motivation for our health and fitness dwindles.

I had loads of motivation for improving myself when I began. But that motivation became channeled into other avenues along the way. My wife, my kids, my business, my job………..and my motivation to keep my own health in check began to wane. And I needed a nudge…………..actually, more like a shove, to right the ship.

In our capitalistic world, there’s no better motivation than taking your hard earned money and dropping it on yourself. That picture above? I hit my macros – spot – on 81 out of 84 days. That’s a 96.4% success rate. There’s no WAY I would have done that alone. No way in hell.

After hiring a coach, my motivation – which was lacking – came roaring back with a vengeance.

Reason #2:  Accountability

I knew each week I would have to be checking in with my Coach. And I knew that if I fucked up, he would likely call me out on it. And tell me to “man up”, so to speak. And just start hitting my damn macros.

Never underestimate the “Big Brother Effect” – the fact that if someone is looking over your shoulder, you’re more likely to take care of business. A micro-managing boss is obnoxious. But a Coach analyzing your data and looking over your shoulder? Invaluable.

Reason #3:  Clarity and Peace Of Mind

When dieting, you’re going to run into issues. Stalls. Intriguing data which makes you scratch your head.  Things you’ve never seen before.

Perhaps some strength losses. Or some happenings you need to address. Hunger issues. Vacations. General wonderings. You’re going to be unsure of yourself at times. And you’re going to question your progress. Does a change need to be made? Do you need to adjust your training or your diet? Do you need to alter your supplementation?  What’s happening? What should you do?

It’s always nice to have someone making decisions for you. You don’t second guess anything. You just outsource the decision making process. To someone who has experience in helping others through the exact same process you’re currently going through.

Freeing yourself of the mental constraints of creating a plan and sticking to it is a liberating feeling. Hiring a Coach means you get to stop making decisions. And have someone else make them for you.  There will be times where it’s best to adjust, and times where it’s best to trust the plan, have faith, and continue course.

While knowledge itself is arguably overrated, navigation through ups and downs is a tremendous asset to have.

Reason #4:  The Experience and The Community

The final reason to hire a fitness Coach? Because after you hire one, you’re part of the “family”. The community. You’re one of us.

Our clients love our articles and our posts on social media. They share them with friends. They wear our shirts and “tag” us in their pictures. They tell all their friends, “I lift hard, I never run, I eat what I want, I’m lean, and I’m strong as hell.”

I’ve never been a big “things” guy.  I drive a 13 year old Honda Accord with no intentions of giving it up.  I still have my gym bag from middle school. I’ve worn the same 3 shirts each week to train in for the past year. (I do my laundry every week, no worries.) But, I hate purchasing “stuff”.

That’s not because I’m cheap, though. On the contrary. I will pay an absolute premium for experiences.  Vacations, nice cigars, expensive bottles of liquor, concert tickets, and online fitness Coaches.

An experience lives inside of you – forever. It becomes a part of you, and it never leaves you. An experience, quite frankly, is priceless. It betters your life for good – and how can you put a price tag on that?

My experience with Andy was a solid one. It brought me “back”, fitness-wise, so to speak. And I hope I provide that same value for others.

Never underestimate the power of actively manipulating your own psychology. The human mind is incredibly complex, and sometimes we need to understand its inner workings in order to maximize and improve our physical being.

Yours in true health,


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