Long Term Clients

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Fitness is a journey, not a destination.

We can talk protocols, weight lifting progression models, optimal macro splits, and the “hottest” supp to aid you in your quest.

But the absolute MOST any of those items can do is improve the RATE at which you progress.

12-week before and after “transformations” are fine and dandy – but the REAL progress?  Where you see those jaw-dropping whole-body improvements?  They take time.  Often, they take a long time.

Our clients are informed of this going in.  While we have some darn good “12-weekers”, we also, truth be told, have many more who quite frankly, are going to take more than 12 weeks to reach their goals.

And the “winning” is accomplished when you make proper health and fitness your LIFESTYLE – not something you do to fit into a wedding dress or have a beach vacation – only to quit after your event is over.

Here are some examples of some long-term clients of Anyman Fitness, LLC and some of their stories and achievements.

Cincinnati, OH

Amy Before And After Final

Amy surprised me with this amazing before and after picture in my inbox recently.

She began working with us in April of 2014, and these are her 8 month progress pictures.

She’s lost 50 pounds and 8 inches off of her waist in that time!  Right around 6 pounds lost each month.

Fantastic, phenomenal, and stupendous job, Amy!

Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

Cincinnati, OH

Lindsay Long Term Final

Lindsay has been working with us for 11 months.

She is the proud owner of a 150+ pound back squat and a 230+ pound deadlift – for reps.

She is a former marathon runner and mother of two.

She has been reverse dieting – adding more calories over time while ensuring fat gain doesn’t occur.
Here’s her words about her experience as a long-term client:

Reverse dieting has been a great experience during my “fitness journey.” After cutting for a period of time, Jason helped me revamp my macros to start adding in fat and mostly carbs. I was hesitant at first…it didn’t seem like it would work.

But Jason reassured me this would be a great way to build muscle and metabolism. I had success and found I could add in calories and not gain weight or inches, which was awesome! I also continued to see progress during lifting sessions.

After reverse dieting for a couple of months, I decided to cut again for summer. Now that we’ve transitioned to fall, I am reversing again. The great part is, with Jason’s help, I’ve gotten much more confident and independent in setting my own macros and understanding what works for me.

I currently eat 160 carbs on rest days and 170 carbs on training days, and a total of around 1900 calories a day. My measurements have held, so I am going to re-evaluate every couple of weeks and add or stay as necessary.


Like I said before, one of the best parts about this is feeling like I have a better understanding of how to adjust my macros and how the process works. All of the extra bread, cereal, and waffles are just a bonus!


Awesome work, Lindsay!  Extremely impressive.



Ferndale, MI
Dustin Triple After
Dustin has been working with us for 8+ months.


He started by wanting to lose a bit of fat and begin to gain muscle.


During that time, here are his lifting statistics:


Deadlift: 241 —> 290
Overhead Press: 55 —> 100
Seated Rows: 140 —> 220
Incline Bench: 135 —> 155
Bench: 165 —> 185
Leg Press: 360 —> 425
Back Squat: 165 —> 200
Romanian Deadlift: 133 —> 200


Dustin has gained some very visible and appreciable LBM during his 8 months of work.


His consistency and attention to detail has created some kick-ass results!


Awesome job, brother!  Keep up the amazing work!



Cincinnati, OH
Jenny Long Term Final
 Jennifer has been a client for 5 months.


She came to us after her third child was born to lose the baby fat.


She’s done an EXCEPTIONAL job – very detailed, very organized, and a very hard worker.
Here’s what she has to say about her experience so far:


I chose to do this program because of how easy it seemed to be…I was tired of spending hours and hours at the gym running and tired of planning everything around my workouts.


I would get up first thing in the morning and head to the gym where I would run at least 5 miles…I did this 5-6 times a week. After my third baby, my running just wasn’t paying off like it had in the past and I was tired..so I came to Anyman fitness to give it a shot.


I was amazed at the results. After learning how to count macros, it became easy and manageable.


Now being almost 5 months in, I’ve never been happier with the way I look and feel. I have never been in better shape and I put in less hours and days at the gym than I ever have.


Awesome stuff, Jennifer!


Glad we could help you maximize your time and efforts in the gym.


Keep up the super work.

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