Moms Who Kick Ass!

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There’s a very special place in our hearts for Moms.

There has to be.  I mean, through all their eye-roll-inducing “momness”……….they’re our Moms.  They’re the first woman we all loved unconditionally.  Pretty much no matter who you are.

And Moms?  They give the ultimate sacrifice – their bodies – for the sake of starting a family.  And making it whole.  And complete.

Most fitness ads you see out there for moms?  Some nonsense about yoga with a slender woman, dressed in white, eating Kashi Go-Lean with her infant on her bed.  Silliness.

Moms are “delicate creatures”?   Ummmmmm, no.  Not sure about anyone else, but I’ve seen my wife in labor and delivery – twice.  And go through a c-section.  Twice.


Delicate flowers, my ass.  Moms are tough as freaking nails.

Which is why we are extremely proud to give you………..Moms Who Kick Ass!

The following Moms have gotten strong as hell by eating big, smashing the barbells, ditching cardio, and dominating everything in their path!  We are humbled to be a small part of their journey.

We hope you enjoy their stories.

**If YOU are a mom, and would like help losing the baby weight, please scroll to the bottom – there’s an email form so you can send us some information to see if we are a good fit to work together.***    -Jason



Jen, Cincinnati, OH

I’ve never been happier with the way I look and feel. I have never been in better shape and I put in less hours and days at the gym than I ever have.

This has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my kids and being less stressed about my food choices.  I have total confidence I can continue to progress – without obsessing about my fitness.

I can spend every morning with my kids, instead of worrying about getting to the gym, I can enjoy my weekends with my family.

I spend my free time at the park, watching my son play his soccer games, or just relaxing at home.  Not running or doing P90x, or anything crazy like that.

I have so much more free time to be a mom and enjoy my kids. I do not stress out anymore about working out…I eat my macros anyway I want and lift weights on my  time.

It’s the best thing I could’ve done for my family and myself.   A happy mom makes a happy home!


Jen and her 3 beautiful children.
Jenn Family Final



Karen, Garden City, MI

I started Anyman Fitness in June with the hopes of shedding the last 10 pounds of baby/married/stress weight I had accumulated through the past 8 years.

I managed to lose 30 pounds within a year by following a starvation/carb-free diet and a daily hour long session of the Insanity workout.  Not only was I hungry, I stressfully planned my day around my workout.  Should I do this intense workout in the morning, when I’m exhausted, or should I do it at night, when I’m exhausted?

Since starting this program, I have managed to look past the number on the scale and look more at the inches I’ve lost.

I lost those pesky last 10 pounds, and my weight is the same as when I got married, where I wore an 8-10 clothing.  However, when I went back to school shopping for myself this year, I started in the dressing room with a size 8 for a skirt that I liked, and then had to go back and try a 6, then a 4, and finally a size 2!  I couldn’t believe it!


This complete body and mind shift has changed my life drastically.  Not only do I have more energy (yes, I’m still exhausted after a day of work, buy hey, I work with middle schoolers), I am definitely stronger (I hoisted a large bag of dog food onto the conveyor belt one armed while dealing with my kids at Target one day, much to the stares of the people behind me!), and most importantly, I am a great role model for my kids.


My son and his friends were playing in the basement, where I left my 120 pound bar set up  that I use for deadlifts sitting out.  I heard his friend say, “Whoa!  Who lifts this?!” and my son replied, “My mom!’ like it was nothin’.  My daughter commented upon seeing me lift, “You are strong like a daddy!”


My goal is for her to tell me I’m strong like a mommy, but it’s a start!


It’s so important for my daughter to see me eating healthfully and creating a strong body.  When I was a teenager, the skinny, anorexic look was portrayed to us in TV, music and magazines.  It’s amazing how this impression stays with you and you begin to fear things like carbs and lifting weights.


I was starting to make that impression on my daughter unintentionally as I slaved over hour long sweat sessions and a growling stomach while she jumped along with me during my Insanity workouts.  Now she wants to watch me lift.


That’s something I hope she wants to do when she is older!  Hopefully now she can see me as a strong, healthy woman who makes good choices!


I am so happy with the lifestyle change I’ve made with this program, and having Jason as a support has been awesome.


It’s so easy to get into the groove of knowing your macros and making informed decisions when you eat, and the workouts are amazing.  You will almost not believe you are working hard at first…until you see the results. I’m ready to take this life change head on and continue to get stronger – thank you Jason for changing my life!​


Karen and her two (strong looking) children.
Karen Family Final



Lindsay, Cincinnati, OH

For the past three and a half years, I’ve been blessed with the role of “mom” and have never been more excited, exhausted, scared, humbled, or joyful in my life.

Motherhood has taught me so much in such a short time, and I can’t imagine what it will continue to teach me.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned so far is that my choices and my actions have consequences beyond me. Everything I do impacts the lives of my children and my husband, and who I choose to be and what I choose to do matters.

I began training with Anyman Fitness nearly a year ago after having been a runner for seven years. The switch has saved me time working out, and has taught me how to effectively plan healthy meals for my family.


The benefits have been extensive, from my improved physical appearance to my more objective attitude toward food. But the biggest reward is yet to be come.


Every time I lift and plan my meals, I think about the example of health, wellness, and confidence I am setting for my kids.


They are still young; my daughter, Tori, is three, and my son, Henry, will be two in March. As they grow older, I want them to see me make healthy choices and understand what a strong mother and woman looks like.


This program has helped me develop such a great sense of self, and I hope that my example will enable Tori and Henry to do the same in whatever ways they choose.


Ultimately, I want health and happiness for my children, and Jason has helped me model both of these qualities for them. I look forward to a long life, watching Tori and Henry grow into strong, independent individuals who can find their own happiness!


Lindsay and her daughter, Tori, showing off those guns!
Lindsay Family Final



Awesome and inspiring work, Moms!


We are happy to keep you out of those “Mom Jeans” – and help you stay young, strong, and confident – from here on out!


Yours in true health,

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