Podcast: The Dumbest Fitness Mistakes I’ve Made

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We all make mistakes in the name of fitness.

I am not immune to this. Not even close.

In my quest for physical improvement, I’ve made some of the dumbest mistakes there are.

Some resulted in losing tons of muscle.

Some resulted in me losing my sex drive.

Some resulted in my immune system becoming suppressed and being constantly sick.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • How to think of your fitness in terms of a system.
  • Lifestyle considerations you should think about before you attempt to create your own system.
  • How to avoid the trap of “calls to authority” and how they relate to fitness nonsense.
  • How staying curious will help you continue to improve, even if you make mistakes.
  • How crash dieting can cause you to lose muscle – and the parameters for “safe fat loss”.
  • How keeping a time-frame reference will improve your gains.
  • The realities of long-term fat loss progress.
  • When will your fat loss stall without a specific program?
  • Overtraining? Is it real or is it a facade?
  • How to avoid assigning morality to your diet.


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