The 10 Fat-Loss Commandments

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The following is a short excerpt from an article I wrote for Muscle Food, UK.





There are certain things which are FACTS if you want to lose fat.

There is no way around them – if you are going to lean out – your belly, your love handles, or your Dad Bod, and you are going to do it CORRECTLY – a few things WILL have to happen.

We aren’t talking “juice cleanses” or “detoxes” here.  Nor are we talking “going low carb for two months for a holiday”.  We are talking actual, legitimate, long-term, fat shredding.

Be sure you’re ready if you think you REALLY want to do this… Because these 10 commandments will change your life…

Click <here> to continue and read “The 10 Fat-Loss Commandments” on Muscle Food, UK.


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