10 More “Must Haves” In Your Diet When Cutting

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Dieting can be painful.

In a previous post, I gave my  Top 10 “Must Haves” In Your Diet When Cutting.

But that’s not all the favorites I have.


In a neverending quest to eat more food and consume less calories,

here’s 10 more essential diet staples when actively trying to lose weight.


11.  Salsa

Low calorie.  Zesty.  Fun.

Get it in the refrigerated section.  Not the chip aisle.

Use it as a condiment on potatoes and rice instead of butter for a low-calorie alternative.


12.  Pickles

Snooki likes them.  I can’t believe I know that.

Tip:  Combine pickles with salsa and you have a taste that’s extremely similar to a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Without the pink slime.  For about 15 calories.


13.  Eggs

Not just the whites.  The yolks, too.  A filling source of fat and protein.  Eat them by the boatload.

They are filled with essential nutrients, taste delicious, and are fun to throw at houses.

Two thumbs up.


14.  Unsweetened Almond Milk

Milk’s main purpose is as a cooking ingredient or as lubrication for cereal.

Either way, it should be as low calorie as possible.

And unsweetened almond milk is the lowest, calorie wise, of the milk options.

I love whole milk with a passion.  But I’d rather chew my calories.  Fills me up more.


15.  Dry Packed Tuna In Water

Hungry?  Open a can of this stuff.  Eat it sans condiments.

You’ll never have saliva again.

But when you’re done, you’ll be so happy you’re done, that you won’t be hungry anymore.


16.  Salads

They fill you up.  They taste good (usually).  They are very low carb, assuming you skip the croutons and breadsticks.

A dieting staple, when done right.

A bit of taco meat and an assload of salad gives you a healthy dose of fat and protein with zero carbs and will keep you full for hours.


17.  Yogurt Based Salad Dressing

Forget Kraft, Marzetti’s, and Lighthouse.  Those dressings taste too good.  You’re on a diet.  Time to be in pain.

Those dressings also have 14-16 grams of fat per two tablespoons.

And when you’re eating salads in mixing bowls and feeding troughs, two tablespoons just won’t cut it.

Yogurt based dressings, found in the refrigerated section, contain half of the flavor for a fifth of the calories.

If you know your fractions, you understand what this means.

It’s a no-brainer.


18.  Mustard

Notice the number of condiments on this list.

Condiments can make or break your diet.

They don’t fill you up at all, but are sometimes a necessity to flavor your food and make it palatable.

Mustard does just that.  For no calories.

Just don’t eat it while wearing white pants.

Bad idea.

Actually, if you’re wearing white pants, you should stop altogether, regardless of your mustard consumption.

Better idea.


19.  Potatoes

With limited carbs, you gotta make them count.  They have to give you maximum satiety.

Potatoes are easily the most filling carb.

Don’t buy them in a box.  Go buy a damn potato.

A close second for satiety:  Rice.


20.  Meth

Ever seen a fat meth addict?

Me neither.


Happy cutting, everyone!



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