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Anyman Fitness focuses on the big blocks of fitness.

Our clients track their macronutrients and strength train to achieve a desired result.

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Group Coaching

Full Access: Anyman Fitness​

Premium results at an Affordable Rate – 65+ Training Programs, Customized Nutrition, Clients’ Only workout app, Recipe Guides, a killer community, and all the support you could ever need. 


Elite 1:1 Fitness Solutions

Nothing can compare to a highly personalized approach to achieve your goals. With our 1:1, Elite Fitness Solutions, everything is professionally created with the most important factor – YOU – in mind every step of the way.

No Squats. No Deadlifts. Huge Gains.

Getting frustrated with a lack of muscle from the standard 'LIFT HEAVIER, BRO' advice you keep following? I know I sure was, once upon a time... Learn how to pack on muscle the right way - and watch your shirtsleeves stretch out like never before.

Flat Abdomen Quiz And Guide

Think you know what it takes to get a flat stomach? Or even better – an actual 6-pack? You’ll be surprised at the most efficient way to accomplish this rather common goal. Take this short quiz and see what you know.

2-Set "RPT" (Reverse Pyramid Training) Program

Short and sweet, this full-body training program consists of 3 workouts per week for 40 minutes each (2 hours per week total training). The low volume and sky high intensity will help you become stronger than ever by barely working out.

Glute Re-Shaper Guide

Struggling to grow your backside? In our Free Glute Re-Shaper Guide, I give you my Top 5 Favorite Glute Builders, complete with form help, set/rep schemes, and powerful Glute-Building tips guaranteed to plump up that peach properly.

6-Day “PPL” (Push-Pull-Legs) Training Program

One of my All-Time Favorite Training Programs is the classic “PPL” split. This is a 6 day per week, 45 minutes per session training program which hits all muscle groups twice over the course of a week.

At-Home Bodyweight Routines

Looking for Routines that use little to no equipment you can do at home? Here are 4, Free Bodyweight Routines – the exact same routines we give to clients to achieve mind-blowing transformations.

Macronutrient Fat Loss Set Up

At Anyman Fitness, we believe in Flexible Dieting – our clients get a recommended set of macronutrient numbers to aim for each day. This allows flexibility in their diets and gives them the freedom to eat the foods they love while dieting, which is incredibly powerful. For a proper nutritional set up and guide showing you exactly how you should be eating to optimize your results, click the button below.