AA Terms Of Service

  • Free Trials are 100% free for the duration of the trial.
    • You have until the Free Trial window closes to cancel without payment.
    • After the window is over, you will be charged the monthly amount for your membership.
    • Each month after that, the payment will recur on the date the first payment went through.
    • ***There are no refunds after the Free Trial expires – to cancel without payment, your cancellation request must be received before your 30 Free Days are complete.
  • Monthly subscriptions recur once per month on the date you started.
    • Example:  You joined on the 16th. Your payments will go through each month on the 16th.
    • Monthly subscriptions are cancel-at-any-time via email (jason@anymanfitness.com) or by sending me a message on our workout app.
    • There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for monthly subscriptions – if you follow our Fitness System for 30 Days and you are not satisfied with your results, simply message me and you will receive a refund.
    • There are no prorated refunds – once your monthly payment goes through, you will have access for the next 30 days and will need to cancel before the next payment goes through so the charge does not recur again.
  • Yearly subscriptions are recurring subscriptions – they recur once per year on the date you started.
    • Yearly subscriptions are a one-time paid in full purchase for the year and have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
    • Once 30 days has passed, there are no refunds or prorated refunds for cancellations.
    • ***The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee does not apply to yearly memberships with special promotions and giveaways such as the 5 Day Challenge.
  • Courses, such as No Cardio Fat Shredding, are one-time purchases.
  • The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is as stated, from our sales page:

In order to qualify for the refund, you have to follow our program as best you can and provide proof that you didn’t receive the results you were after.

Any questions or requests, please email me at jason@anymanfitness.com.

***Note:  Unsubscribing from our emails does NOT cancel your payment.

Cancellation requests can be made either via email (jason@anymanfitness.com) or by sending me a message on our workout app.

***Please allow 48 hours for your cancellation request to be processed. Cancellations are made during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, EST.

Thanks, Coach J