Ain’t Nobody Fresher Than My CLIQUE (Introducing The Army Of Greatness)

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Yes. I did just quote Kanye West in the article title……….

With apologies to Taylor Swift. And George Bush. And the Kardashians.

And everyone else Kanye has offended.

(I’m pretty sure that’s most of the world, but I digress………)

But for real – I want to introduce you to my Clique.

And by “Clique”, I mean my team.

Actually, scratch that, I want to introduce you to my Soldiers.

The Soldiers in The Army.

The Anyman Fitness, Clients-Only Army Of Greatness!

You see, right now, we have open enrollment for Full Access: Anyman Fitness, our Group Coaching experience.

This only happens a few times per year.

I could tell you about all the goodies, such as………..

  • The Best fat-blasting, muscle building workouts on the ‘net today – with more being added each month.
  • Flexible Dieting plans to allow you to keep hunger to a minimum, and eat your favorite foods as you lean out.
  • Support from a Coach who has helped thousands through fat loss.
  • Healthy Recipes, Mindset Training, and much, much more.

BUT, instead I just HAVE to tell you about my favorite part.

The Community. The Gang. The Clique.

The Army Of Greatness.

Without any further ado………here they are…….’cuz My Crew deeper than Wu-Tang…..

Meet Charles:

You’ll know him RIGHT away – because once you join us, he will be the very first person to give you a patented “Hell Yeah!” and welcome you to the ranks of The Army.

Charles has lost over 100 pounds and counting in his fitness journey! And he has the most infectious smile and engaging personality you’ve ever seen.

If you need to be picked up and motivated, you can’t help but get inspired when The Chuck Machine pops up on your Newsfeed.

Meet Zsofi:

Zsofi’s a graphic designer from Canada with some of the cutest puppies and daughters you’ve ever seen. After you join us, she’s gonna be the first one to tell you how ‘amaze-balls’ you are (her words) and lift you up with her positive approach to fitness and life in general.

And watch out – her double-biceps stare down on Fridays will make your knees buckle in fear!

This is one fierce chica.

Meet Abe (on the right):

Abe’s showing off his guns, with his teenage son by his side.

Abe’s a man’s man. Actually, scratch that. Abe may be the most masculine man I’ve met (and I mean that in a very good way).

Abe operates heavy machinery by day like cranes, forklifts, jackhammers, and all sorts of other cool stuff. And he does so with a cigar in his hand.

But when the day’s over and the whistle blows, he gets into the gym and then comes and hangs out with his Peeps, dishing out his wry sense of humor on the rest of The Army.

Fun Fact: Abe was on our mailing list for two years before he joined The Army!

He had already lost 46 pounds just by reading these emails and applying the lessons within. But his progress has skyrocketed since getting serious and joining The Army.

Meet Denise:

You’ll know Denise because the first thing she’s going to do is comment with a “Get It!” when you join The Army.

She usually stays quiet, soaking in all of the inspiration and motivation in The Group.

But every once in awhile, she’ll drop a lengthy and insightful post, and the whole Army will have to do a slow-clap at the knowledge bombs she gives us.

Denise works for Southwest Airlines, so her days are filled with hauling luggage and sweating up a storm.

And if you play your cards right, you just may be the inspiration behind her next tattoo………(seriously, that has happened…….) :p

Meet Matt:

Matt is a 24-year veteran teacher who, along with his wife, Jan, is just crushing life and his fitness right now.

Matt has already lost 30 pounds and over 6 inches off of his waistline. With his newfound fitness lifestyle, Matt has set an amazing goal – he wants to be in his very first natural bodybuilding show!

When you join The Army, Matt and his wife Jan will welcome you with open arms, and will always be there to lend a helping hand and a huge dose of “Let’s Do It”!

Meet Linda (on the left):

Yep, that’s Linda – flexing with her Mom!

Yep, it’s a family affair here.

And before you say fitness programs, weight lifting, and macro counting are only for “fitness freaks”, check this:

Linda is 63 years old, and has gone from a size 14 to a size 6!

We are beyond stoked to help Linda realize that age ain’t nothin’ but a number………and it looks like her Mom agrees with her!


I could certainly keep going – on and on – about the Soldiers in The Army.

We have 235 Soldiers currently – and we are Ready for You to join The Ranks.

Our Open Enrollment periods ends soon, and it won’t open again for months.

Come join us and meet our Clique.

See you on The Front Lines!
Jason Helmes
Anyman Fitness

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