No Squats. No Deadlifts. Huge Gains. (Available Now!)

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It was only a matter of time before my quest for self improvement became a quest for more muscle.

Priority #1 was lose the fat, which is a battle many of us face.

And I needed to, badly:

Flattering shot, eh?

When I got serious about my fitness, I decided to take the path of many others before me.

I began a basic, linear progression of The Big 3 – squats, deadlifts, and bench presses – all using a barbell.

Combining these full-body moves increased my strength rapidly, shred fat effectively, and gave me confidence in my ability to utilize progressive overload in all aspects of my life.

But as I stripped away nearly all the fat, I was shocked with how little, actual muscle mass I had beneath my layers of  blubber:


I wasn’t worried, however, because I had never “bulked” in an attempt to gain muscle.

I knew what must be done to accumulate lean body mass – I had to squat and deadlift religiously, while eating above my maintenance calories.

After all, this is what every publication on the internet tells you.

Want to gain muscle? Squat and deadlift.

Want to fill out your shirts? Squat and deadlift.

Want to be a man? Squat and deadlift.

So I did.

My deadlift shot up to 500 pounds, and my squats shot up well into the 300’s.

I was happy with this strength accumulation, but I couldn’t help but be dissatisfied with my progress when I compared my pictures:

bulking with squats and deadlifts

There is a 15 pound difference between these two pictures, and they were taken a year apart.

When I looked at the pictures, I wondered if I had gained any muscle at all.

I felt as if I cut away the 15 pounds, I would likely look exactly the same.

This was upsetting, in a major way.

I did exactly what all the professionals had told me to do!

I had listened to the fitness advice of mainstream media!

I had squatted and deadlifted like a madman!

Where were my “20 pounds of noob gains” that I was promised in all those articles?

Apparently, all of that was nonsense. It sure wasn’t working for me.

A solid year of increasing my strength, and I looked the same, with a bit of extra fat surrounding my abs.

All of those total-body moves came at a cost as well.

Cost #1:  I began to hate my workouts.

At first, it was thrilling to get underneath the barbell with an “extra 5 pounds” tacked onto it.

The uncertainty of the situation gave me an adrenaline rush.

But eventually, the adrenaline wore off, and it felt like pure torture.

Cost #2:  I was always abnormally sore.

For a good 48-72 hours after a deadlift or a squat day, I was in tatters.

I would hobble around my house, barely being able to walk up and down the stairs.

My quality of life was decreasing.

I couldn’t play with my children the way I wanted to.

My energy was being zapped by my workouts.

I was getting burned out.

If this was “fitness”, I began to question if it was “really for me”.

Cost #3: I was becoming deathly afraid of injury.

Showing impeccable form reduces the chance of injury.

But when you are squatting and deadlifting constantly, the chance of injury is always elevated.

I was in my mid-30’s and I had a family with responsibilities.

I couldn’t afford to rupture a vertebrae or blow out a knee; I had too much on the line.

Cost #4: I lost the desire for “moving big weights”.

It was “cool” to tell others I deadlifted 500 pounds and squatted 300.

But I soon realized they didn’t care.

Shortly after this realization, I also came to the conclusion that I didn’t care, either.

I needed to be “strong enough” to perform my regular, daily tasks.

Which include:

  • Picking up and playing with my children.
  • Carrying my groceries from the car into the house.
  • Moving furniture on occasion.
  • Mowing my lawn in the summer and shoveling my driveway in the winter.

Nowhere in my life did I need a massive powerlifting total.

I wasn’t competing on the platform – I had exactly TWO goals for myself, no more and no less:

  1. Look sexy.
  2. Feel good.

Armed with these realizations, and these self-discoveries, I began a new mission:

To find the most optimal methods of increasing my muscle mass.

It didn’t matter what movements I used, what rep schemes I used, and how many sets I used.

I already understood how to train hard, I just needed to figure out how to train effectively.

The Shocking Truth

In my research for the answers to my questions, I turned to Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, C.S.C.S.

Brad is known as the Godfather of Hypertrophy for the natural trainee.

According to Brad’s 2010 review article “The Mechanisms of Muscular Hypertrophy and Their Application To Resistance Training”, there were 3 components which led to muscular growth.

Component #1:  Mechanical Tension

Mechanical tension is the feeling of a contracted or tensed muscle when it is under a load.

  • It’s your bicep during a dumbbell curl.
  • It’s your lats during a pull-up.
  • It’s your pecs during a push-up.

Tension is crucial to muscle building, and must be maximized in order to maximize your gains.

Component #2:  Metabolic Stress

Metabolic stress is caused by the blocking of veins due to continuous use.

This leads to a lack of oxygen to an effected area and a build up of lactate.

In weightlifter’s circles, this is referred to as “the pump”.

When you maximize Component #1, and keep constant tension on your muscle through a full range of motion – repeatedly, you cause significant metabolic stress.

This gives you the feeling that your arms could split open at any moment, spilling your tendons, ligaments, and muscles all over the gym floor.

Component #3:  Muscular Damage

This is caused by doing something your muscles have never done before.

Every time you force your body to do a little bit more than before, you force it into adaptation.

You will momentarily become weaker, until your body repairs the tissue, causing a momentary strengthening.

Do this enough times and with enough frequency, and your muscles will respond with size growth.

According to the most respected authority on muscle growth for natural trainees, you needed 3 things to make sweet, sweet gains:  muscular tension, adequate pump, and muscular damage.

I let this stew around in my head for a bit, and I made an interesting observation:

====> He said nothing of exercise selection!

Brad was the “smartest guy in the room” so to speak, and he didn’t fill my head with lies about needing to squat and deadlift.

Brad didn’t say “stop being a wuss and get under the bar”.

Brad didn’t tell me “the leg press is for little girls”.

Brad said that muscle growth required a few factors – none of which included a specific exercise in the gym.

Armed with this exciting knowledge, it was time to create a gameplan.

It was time to make some gains.

A Whole, New World

The entire plan I created revolved around Brad’s three factors for muscular growth.

  • I dropped the weight considerably and worked to maximize muscular tension at all costs.
  • I upped my reps and my sets, to provide myself with more of a pump.
  • I created my own progression model to ensure volume was increasing over time, and causing adequate muscular damage.
  • And perhaps most interestingly, I eliminated squats and deadlifts, the moves which were holding me back from realizing my true, muscular potential.

My physique exploded as a result:

bulking without squats and deadlifts

Without being so focused on increasing my powerlifting totals, and pouring 100% of my resources into maximizing Brad’s components for muscular growth, my body changed rapidly.

Everything grew – fast.

My shoulders filled out, my biceps gained a good half-inch in a few months, and my chest finally began to appear full under my shirt.

I was also able to train every day without being abnormally sore. I had my pep back in my step. I was making gains quickly, and my quality of life was improving.

I no longer was walking around like a cripple each weekend.

I was loving life, and loving the gym, yet again.

Join The Revolution

While this exhilarating new protocol and the incredible results it provided was exciting, the n = 1 reality of the situation was present.

We quickly took this programming to our community of online clients and grabbed a round of beta testers.

The results are universal:

===> You WILL make gains, fast.

===> You WILL reduce your soreness dramatically.

===> You WILL reduce your chances of injury exponentially.

===> You WILL improve your quality of life.

===> You WILL begin to enjoy your training sessions again.

And now, we bring directly to you the program that is tearing up the muscle-building fitness landscape as we know it.

No Squats. No Deadlifts. Huge Gains.

Click to grab a copy.

Men need this information in their hands.

Men have been lied to – and told that squats and deadlifts are 100% necessary for muscular growth.

In our business, we have run across hundreds of men who are fed up with constantly squatting and deadlifting.

We have spoken with dozens of men who are worried about the injury bug, or simply fear squatting with a barbell.

These men aren’t “wusses”; these men know how to “go hard” in the gym.

  • They simply want to “go hard” in an intelligent manner that won’t leave them in the emergency room.
  • They want a muscle building plan that’s a bit more targeted and streamlined than “5 more pounds, now squat, bro!”.
  • They want a systematic approach to muscle building that won’t leave them hating their life from their intense DOMs.
  • In short, they want something different that works.

And now they have it.

Are you ready to drop your “squats and deadlifts”, Big-3 based routine and try something guaranteed to put muscle on your frame at an alarming rate?

The results speak for themselves:

before and after

Picture #1:  Squatting 250 pounds, deadlifting 400 pounds.

Picture #2:  Squatting 330 pounds, deadlifting 500 pounds.

Picture #3:  No squats or deadlifts for almost a full, solid year.

Embrace your vanity.

Train to look sexy, feel great, and improve the quality of your life.

Come learn the truth about how to make these sweet, sweet gains in your own life.

Grab a copy of No Squats. No Deadlifts. Huge Gains. today by clicking here.



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