How To Get Rich In Online Fitness: Oceans, Oil, Shaved Chests, Coffee, Beer, And Wood

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Hi, I’m Jason Helmes.

I am the owner of this site, Anyman Fitness.

I coach others through fat loss and muscle gain protocols.

Part of my job is to attract potential clients.

You know all those advertisements about masterminds that guarantee a “6-figure income”?

I have one (a 6-figure income from online coaching), and it’s simple – here is the blueprint for free, sorry goo-roos.

Here is how I do this:

I have a free fat loss course called “Livin’ The Dream”.

I put out advertisements on Facebook (like this one) and Twitter (like this one) for my free course.

Oh yeah, you should click on those links, “share” them, and “re-tweet” them.  Duhhh.

A percentage of people who click on the advertisement will then get taken to this Leadpage.

They enter their email address and get all the freebies right to their inbox.

After they get their freebies, they have the option of hiring me to help them via 1:1 coaching.

If they choose not to opt for coaching right away, they will be on my email list and they will receive 3 emails each week: two articles or podcasts, and a weekly newsletter on Friday, which is exclusive to my email list.

This is a simplification of the back end process of client acquisition in the world of online fitness.

There is one other, super-effective method of increasing the percentage of those that click through and purchase services.

It helps to have sexy, provocative pictures of yourself on your website.

This is known as “proof of concept”. If your online coach can’t “walk the walk”, it’s a turnoff.

I can walk the walk, and each summer, I diet down to very low body fat percentages for the sake of (ultimately) growing my business.

The trick to these fake, glossy photos (and they ARE fake, in many ways, as evidenced here) is to make the client think they can relate to you.

If someone can see your picture and think, “If he can do it, so can I”, it helps attract sales.

Here is a step-by-step guide of a few poses that others will be able to relate to, so you, too can work through all of your vacations on your laptop and brag to your friends about how you’re “self made”.

My Absolute Favorite Sales-Attracting Fitness Poses

Picture #1: The Eye-Contact PoseUntitled design (1)

This picture is great for one, huge reason:  I am making eye contact with the camera.

Your eyes are the gateway to the soul.

When a prospective mark (errr, client) sees this picture, they think,

Look at Jason’s eyes. He wants me to sign up!

I don’t care how much money it costs, I will pay anything.

Teach me, great master.

If you’re really good, you can even hypnotize people with your eyes.

Never mind the awkward silence between you and those you’re staring at.

The stare-down is one of the best sales-making tools out there.

Picture #2:  The My Life Is So Great Pose IMG_2738

Nobody wants to work with a boring, old dude with a laptop.

It doesn’t matter that 95% of your time as an online coach is spent answering emails with a huge pot of coffee (more on that later), unshowered, in your pajamas.

You want others to think that “getting ripped” means you will be on the beach with loads of admirers while you soak in the glory.

Forget the fact that nobody really cares if you have a 6-pack. Especially if you’re married or already have a significant other.

There is no better pose to make others think you “have it all” than the arms-stretched-at-the-beach pose.

I suggest wearing a tight-fitting pair of jeans riding as low as possible (be sure to manscape).

Girls and guys BOTH love what this “suggests”.

***Aviator shades recommended, but optional.

Picture #3: The I’m Wearing A Sweatshirt Pose
Untitled design (10)

Have you ever worn a sweatshirt?

I have.

Wearing a sweatshirt while glistened up with oil is one of the go-to moves of any true, fitness professional.

In this case, it’s better to NOT look at the camera.

Sweatshirts invoke feelings of warmth, comfort, and “hiding from reality”.

There is no better way to hide from reality than to do it without a tee shirt and your sweatshirt unzipped.

By not looking at the camera, I appear to be deep in thought, contemplating my awesomeness.

Spoiler alert:  I’m actually thinking,

Fuck, if I brace my abs and hold my breath any longer, I will pass out right here on this floor.

Last note on this picture:  The chest striations in my left boobie are the result of not eating anything for 36 hours before taking the photograph.

Don’t try this at home, remember, I am a professional.


Picture #4:  The Manly Man Pose
Untitled design

Every man wants to be more manly.

And there is NOTHING more manly than a lumberjack.

Lumberjacks kill nature for a living, displaying their brute force against unsuspecting trees with their gas-powered death machines.

Since being an actual lumberjack would require real work, I would suggest finding some pre-cut wood and pretending.

Please disregard the fact that no lumberjack would ever be caught dead with a hairless chest without wearing a flannel shirt.

Instead, you should grab your wood and start posing.

Picture #5:  The Coffee Pose
Untitled design (13)

You know what the most-consumed beverage in the world is?

That’s right – coffee.

And since everyone drinks coffee, when you drink it, it makes others think you’re “one of them”.

As a fitness professional, you may be drinking coffee to suppress the ravenous appetite which is present when you diet down to obscenely low body fat levels.

You are pretty much cracked-out if you get your physique looking like this.

But nobody needs to know that. All they need to know is you drink coffee, just like them.

And let the sales flow into your bank account.

Side note:  This cup was empty. Fooled ‘ya, didn’t I?

Picture #6: The “Beer-Me” Pose
Untitled design (14)

This pose is a fan favorite.

This pose says:

Yes, you can drink beer and be cut from stone, too.

Granted, you can actually drink a bit while dieting and still make great progress.

But you’ll have to eat even less, you’ll be super hungry, and it can make your life miserable.

For the sake of sales, though, forget reality! You’re drinking a big beer and you’re ripped!

You win!

Side note:  Don’t actually drink the beer, dumbass. You can’t afford the extra calories.

The beer in this picture hasn’t even been opened.

BIG MISTAKE: The Blooper Reel


How did this one get in there?

My wife (who was taking the pictures) and myself were cracking up about how stupid these photos were and she mistakenly snapped this picture.

Don’t EVER break character.

If you do, all sales will be lost.

Smiling and laughing is beta-af. Betas don’t make sales. Only alphas make sales.

Consider yourself warned.


Picture #7: The Impromptu Bodybuilding Pose Photo

For your final photograph suggestion in the “fitness professional arsenal”, I suggest to you the impromptu bodybuilding pose.

For this pose, you need to blow all the air out of your lungs, flex your abs, and contract all of your muscles simultaneously.

This hurts – badly – so you can only maintain the pose for a few seconds. Make sure the photographer has a quick trigger finger.

Keep in mind that nobody just busts into bodybuilding poses on the beach, so you will need to find a spot that’s relatively deserted.

When you’re done flexing like a weirdo, eat some bacon and watch some sports to up your “manly quotient”.

You’ll need it.

Bonus Pose:  The Real Life Photo

I hope you didn’t take any of my suggestions too seriously.

Reality is, I’m a normal guy who started a website a few years ago.

I am a teacher by nature, and I relayed my own fitness obsession into a side business, which has grown steadily to my elation.

This is the “real me” – along with my wife (the photographer) and my two girls, Brooklyn (the taller), and Ava (the monster).

The reality is, yes, I’ve built a 6-figure/year small, online business.

Wanna know how I did it?

  • I wrote 1-2 articles every week for 3 years and posted them on every available social media.
  • I started small, with just a few online clients, for free.
  • I bootstrapped myself along the way. Expenses only grew when revenue grew FIRST.
  • I learned from my many failures.
  • I personally answer every email – no assistants, and no auto-responses.
  • I give myself to my clients. I am there for them, so they have my back.
  • Over time, a few $20’s became a few $100’s, which became a few $1,000’s, and there you go.

Really, the best way to attract sales is to just be yourself and have self-awareness.

Sometimes, I take myself too damn seriously. When that happens, I write an article “just for fun”.

I make fun of myself, or mock myself, as I’ve done here.

I don’t matter. None of us really matters. If my online fitness business disappeared for me, I would be fine.

I have my family, my friends, and my health – and that’s what I truly care about.

I really do enjoy this “fitness thing”, but do keep in mind when you’re looking at glossy, fake “fitness photos”, that great detail and care went into those pictures looking as “startling” as they do.

Of course, if you still want to work with me, even though I’ve crushed the illusion of my awesomeness, I will take your money (errrrrr, help you reach your goals).

Here is a link to apply.


Brooklyn has root beer. Please don't call CPS on me.
Brooklyn has root beer. Please don’t call CPS on me.

Interested in seeing if you’d be a good fit to work with me?

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