The Dirty Truth About COVID-19 Nobody Is Talking About

About a month ago, when it became clear COVID-19 was a legitimate pandemic threat, a few of my colleagues posted a statistic on social media. The stat read: “Coronavirus has killed 10,000 people this year. Obesity has killed 300,000 people this year. You’re fighting the wrong enemy.” It was a bold statement to make. I […]

The Top 5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight On Your Diet And How to Fix Them

It’s Saturday morning, and you slowly start to stir in your bed. The sun has started to peek through your window, and you yawn, stretch, and start to blink away the goobers from your eyes. You wake up to use the restroom, and you remember………”Hey, I’ve been dieting for a week solid, and I’ve been […]

Ain’t Nobody Fresher Than My CLIQUE (Introducing The Army Of Greatness)

Yes. I did just quote Kanye West in the article title………. With apologies to Taylor Swift. And George Bush. And the Kardashians. And everyone else Kanye has offended. (I’m pretty sure that’s most of the world, but I digress………) But for real – I want to introduce you to my Clique. And by “Clique”, I […]

The 87 Week Transformation Picture (How To NOT Sell A Fitness Program)

BEHOLD THE AMAZING, FANTASTICAL, AND SHOCKING FITNESS RESULTS! Come one, come all, and look at the incredible 1 Year, 8 Month, and 18 Day Transformation! That’s right, folks, see what the hard working Bo Smith was able to accomplish in just 623 Days! In just 87 short weeks, YOU can have results like him! And after […]

Muscle Building Mistakes Of Middle Aged Men

DYEL – (n.) Acronym, short for “Do you even lift?” An insult, insinuating the subject does not have an appearance which would indicate he participates in resistance training and/or other hypertrophic activities. Johnny spent 4 hours each week in the gym, but his dainty arms and chicken legs made his friends mockingly ask Johnny, “Bro, […]

Gainz Of The Week (8/30/15)

Time for the newest edition of “Gainz Of The Week” – the premier spot for the best information to improve your fitness levels – and your life. This was a big week for me – not necessarily from a business perspective, but from a personal perspective. Us “fit-pros” aren’t immune to stresses and difficulties. We might have […]